In Petmeeting we promote NATURE, ANIMALS, PETS, LIFE

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Il blog dei tre Mainecoon Zeus, Luna e Ulisse scritto dalle mani del loro umano E. Borri

Respect for animals, nature and life is our basic principle. Everything for us revolves around these concepts. We want to work closely with a small piece of this world. The world of pets, hoping to sensitize more human beings as possible, towards animals, nature and life. We will always do it with the heart and never for a personal back account. So don't be surprised if all the services of Petmeeting are usable for free. Profit is not our purpose.


Allevamento pensione Valmorea Cane Corso Italiano

Pensione Valmorea - Pensione a 5 stelle, allevamento cane corso italiano e staffordshire terrier

Love, passion, respect for nature, animals, life and desire to get involved using our own knowledge were the engine of this project completely free.


Thought and implemented to involve and become a great community, a great reality not only virtual. Achieve a common goal that respects life, nature and animals.


We will always be ready siding in defense of the weakest and most needy animals, through our means and on social media. We will always be on the side of respect for life, animals and nature, aware that we are also part of it.


Is NOT a dog dating site. It aspires to an active community where the word "meet" has a much broader meaning. We wanted to explain it so, in a short and concise way!

  • 100% Customized

    Not a pre-packaged site. It widens and changes based on the inputs it receives from you. Especially if you are a volunteer or a non-profit association, and you think that in order to use this medium better, we will do it, because we believe that an instrument should be useful to those who have experience in the field. So if you have ideas or suggestions, write to us. Here the protagonists are the pets!

  • Easy to use, but...

    Easy to use and intuitive enough. However the search system is quite voluminous, so it can initially be difficult to remember the arrangement of all the numerous selection filters. For this we have created a specific contact section for information requests. A FAQ section will soon be ready. Write us. We will respond very quickly, but remember that we are also volunteers and therefore we take care of all this in our free time.

  • Coming soon

    We are currently working on many new features. Involvement of veterinarians, pet sitters, shops and professionals in the pets sector and much more and we have recently optimized the site for better use by mobile devices. We've been born a few months ago. But we go as strong as a rocket!

Petmeeting in words...

  • What is?

    It's web application, virtual community, Where to subscribe are the PETS with the hands of their human.All animals that have a human to write on the keyboard, can subscribe!

  • For who was created?

    For all pets and all animals. For all people who live in respect of the nature of animals and life in general. It was created to give a control and management tool to the volunteers. For breeders, for veterinarians who help to treat homeless pets and therefore support voluntary associations, for traders in the sector and for individuals seeking information or new friends to be adopted.

  • What is important to us

    It is important to us that pets without a home find a family, That the burden of volunteers is lighter and that they can find more easily funds to manage their activities. For us it is important that more people learn to respect animals, nature and life in general and that they are more sensitive to the issues of safeguard. It is important to us that the ultimate goal of commercial activities in contact with animals is not profit, but passion and respect. For us, your active participation and feedback are important, because with these we can make the community grow in a constructive way, we can grow together and together give a concrete example of respect and love towards the life of nature and animals. Human beings included!

  • Why should I use it?

    Because a non-profit association can unlimitedly enter all the pets it wants and select the area where it wants them to be adopted. It can speak directly with stakeholders and promote the adoption of pets.It may require changes to the software to facilitate its research work and will always have a preferential lane! A breeder can follow his puppies after the assignment and stay in touch with the new pet tutors, to check or advise. Veterinarians? Traders? Pet-Sitters? The educators? They will provide an additional service, an essential plus to make our community complete. In the project that we are carrying out is also planned a diary/blog/newspaper where related articles will be written, by us or by qualified and registered members

  • Volunteers

    We dedicate much of our free time to this Web application, trying to do our part in this battle of self-destruct that the man is facing against nature and against himself. With Petmeeting our main goal is to help volunteers and various non-profits or associations and shelters to entrust the many pets without home and increase awareness of the many people still abusing animals. The activities that revolve around the world of animals are many and we thought to give them space trying not to go beyond our limits. So associations, shelters, conscientious breeders, educators, enthusiasts pet-sitter veterinarians, dealers and all those whose life for passion revolves around the animal world, participate. Write to us if you think you can contribute in Petmeeting with translations, articles, useful and informative material also not inherent to pets but to the animal world and to nature in general. In any way you want, you also participate only by sharing on social our project. Participate actively registering in Petmeeting and together we will build a "great" community!

Pets recently joined Petmeeting

Dogs, cats, fishes, birds, reptiles, donkeys, horses, breedings, breeders, vets and NO-PROFIT ASSOCIATIONS FOR HOMELESS PETS. Every animal and the professionals of the animal sector can subscribe in our community and look for a temporary or permanent destination. Just like our last pet-friends and their humans